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100% plant based restaurant

The 100% plant based Meatless District in Amsterdam West and South is ironically inspired on the Meatpacking District. This area in New York thanks its name to the many slaughterhouses that used to be located there, though nowadays it’s a hip and happening hood for trendy bars and clubs. The Meatless District succeeded to implement this ambience in their joint; an industrial, modern and spacious interior with an open kitchen and bar in the middle, completely fading out the old dusty image of veganism.

Initially the Meatless District started out with a vegetarian and vegan menu, but after a while they decided to go plant based all the way. You can have lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks, plus breakfast in the weekends. They also serve the best pies from Dophert (another vegan spot in the West) which pairs perfectly with their oat milk lattes or iced coco lattes.

The Meatless District Menu

The Meatless District menu changes every three months and is filled with seasonal, biological and local ingredients. With lunch options like BLT, Burgers and ‘Kroketten’ (a popular Dutch snack) you might wonder for a second if it’s all really plant based. Turns out the BLT is made with ‘eggpplant-bacon’, the burger of seitan and the ‘Kroketten’ have a vegan filling. But there’s more on the menu. The most obvious choice would be to go for the MDburger which is known to be top notch, though for more original vegan inspo you can order something like the Bagel gravad Lax or the Shiitake Bruschetta. The Bagel for example is a great alternative for the real Lax deal, with similar structured marinated tomato, fresh ‘cream cheese’, chives, spinach, dill, mustard and capers. The umami Shiitake Bruschetta comes with garlic, lemon, parsley, thyme, mint and basil cress. Never thought of putting shiitake on toast!

For dinner you can order dishes like pink risotto with beet and dragon or ‘Pastei’ with pulled jackfruit and laurel in puff pastry. Expect lots of colorful dishes at Meatless District, never a dull plate! And what about drinks? Order a vegan biological wine, GT, juice or beer and hang at the bar, the outside street terrace or one of the window seats. In case you rather have dinner at home, there’s the option to deliver with Ubereats and Foodora.

Meatless District is a very suitable restaurant for meat eaters as well and it’s nice to see a vegan spot can be classy and vibrant! Check out more vegan spots in Amsterdam? Read about Vegabond, a vegan lunchroom and supermarket in the centre. And stay tuned, ’cause there’ll be more articles coming soon!


*on the pictures it looks pretty empty inside, that’s because we stayed quite long after lunch was finished 😀

Check out Meatless District’s website here

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