Spingaren – Charcuterie, Drinks and Dinner

Did you notice more and more eateries are offering a vegan menu? One of them is Spingaren, a fairly new charcuterie annex restaurant. Here you can go for some charcuterie and drinks, dinner, or both.

Green Interior

Spingaren is situated on the Herengracht canal, right in the centre of Amsterdam. Located in a beautiful canal mansion, the interior looks a bit like Coffee & Coconuts gone fancy – spacious, lots of plants, brick walls and Scandinavian furniture. The absolute highlight of the interior is the huge vertical green garden!

Vegan Charcuterie

All the charcuterie and kimchi at Spingaren is home made. Traditionally a charcuterie board is full of sausage and cheese, but at Spingaren you can order vegan charcuterie like ‘Avocado bites with mint, lime and pumpkin seeds’, ‘Smoked beet with pecan nuts’ and – last but not least – ‘Vegan chorizo’. Wait what, vegan chorizo? Yes! Made of soy, tomatoes, garlic and herbs. It doesn’t exactly taste like a chorizo clone, though it’s a great hearty alternative. In combination with the freshness of the avocado, smoky beets and sour kimchi, this charcuterie board makes a fine variety of flavors. Oh, and you get some vegan bread served with your board as well.

Spingaren’s Vegan Menu

Of course this charcuterie experience isn’t complete without one of the many speciality beers on draft, funky GT’s, wines or cocktails Spingaren has to offer. Once your board is getting empty, it’s wise to stay around for some dinner. Why would you go home if there are vegan options like super crispy ‘Tempeh Biscuits with tomato bean salad and avocado cream’ or ‘Red Curry with parsnip, pak choi, pumpkin and papadum’? As side dishes you can choose roasted vegetables with caper sauce, salad with rettich and crunchy fries (only missing vegan mayo here).

Because Spingaren is not a fully plant based restaurant and located in the centre, it’s a perfect spot to meet up with your non-vega friends (who can enjoy stuff like pastrami, sausages, cheeses, oysters, scallops, burgers, etc). They offer lots of options for various wishes – like gluten-free, nut-free, lactose-free, pregnancy-friendly –  which makes it very easy to satisfy everybody and have a fulfilling evening.

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Spingaren, Herengracht 88