Deer Mama: Vegan Mylk & Burger Bar in De Pijp

Feel like traveling back to the fifties? Head over to Deer Mama! With a little imagination you’re living the Grease musical as the decor looks like an old school American Diner. Though unlike American Diners, Deer Mama serves food and drinks all vegan. It’s a 100% vegan brunch, lunch & dinner spot, including (boozy) Mylkshakes and Beyond Meat Burgers!

Deer Mama is situated in neighborhood De Pijp, Amsterdam South. They are famous for their burgers and vegan milkshakes, which are sublime, though we found out they offer much more on their menu.

Deer mama vegan mylshakes in amsterdam

Like the Pani Puri for starters: a crunchy Indian snack with chickpeas, sweet potato, cucumber herb water, coriander and date-tamarind chutney. It shows Deer Mama is more than just a burger and milkshake bar. Other options for starters include the Japanese Eggplant, Dutch Bitterballen, Fried Curry Spices Cauliflower & Broccoli , Smoky BBQ Nacho Bucket and Mushroom Croquettes.

For main you can either choose a Ramen Bowl in two different variations or one of the six different vegan burgers. Varying from The Millionaire, a Beyond Meat patty with homemade ‘faux gras’, salad, pickles, red onion and truffle mayonaise to The Tonkatsu Burger with ‘fried no chicken’, miso aubergine, shredded cabbage with yuzu and sesame mayonaise. Not your average ingredients when it comes to American snacks.

As a side, order some Crunchy Sweet Potato Fries! Or pair your burger with Charcoal Grilled Asparagus, Corn on the Cob with herb butter, BBQ Veggies, Avocado Fries, or a Garden Salad.

Deer mama vegan mylkshakes and burger in De Pijp Amsterdam - burger and sweet potato fries

If you have room for more or only come for the sweet stuff, there is a mad selection of vegan milkshakes, pies and sweets. The most original vegan sweet being the vegan soft serve ice cream! Deer Mama offers the only vegan soft serve machine in the city (or country?)

Deer mama vegan mylkshakes and burger in De Pijp Amsterdam - Pie

Deer Mama’s concept appears simple – burgers and shakes – but the menu offers surprising, original and tasty combinations and ingredients .

Not to mention the brunch and lunch, offering stacked pancakes, soy yoghurt fruit bowls, baguettes, sandwiches… Too much to describe all of that here. Which gives you a good excuse to head over to Deer Mama yourself!

Deer Mama, Ceintuurbaan 71

Pizzeria Dope: Best Vegan Pizza in Amsterdam?

Around the corner of the Albert Cuyp market in neighbourhood De Pijp, you find Pizzeria Dope. It’s a small place, run by two Italian pizza chefs. And they offer a separate vegan pizza menu! Vegans in Amsterdam are crazy about it. But do they really have the best vegan pizza in Amsterdam?

Wagamama presents its new vegan and vegetarian menu!

Asian restaurant chain with a vegan and vegetarian menu

Yes! Wagamama introduced a new separate vegan+vegetarian menu last week! The Asian cuisine restaurant chain has four locations in Amsterdam. Besides that they’re located in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Roermond and 16 other countries around the globe. Wagamama was born in London in 1992 and inspired by the fast pace of Japanese Ramen bars. The interior suits the concept; modern, simple and clean with big communal tables to have a quick but delicious Asian bite. Although with this new vegan menu you might just want to hang around a bit longer…

The Meets: 80% Vegan Eatery in De Pijp with Dosa Rolls to die for!

80% plant based 20% animal products

In the ever vibrant neighborhood de Pijp, on just 5 minutes walking distance from the Albert Cuyp market, you find The Meets eatery. The concept of The Meets is that they serve 80% plant-based and 20% animal products, meaning most of the menu is vegan!

(*Update: There’s a newly opened location in the East of Amsterdam, find the address and the location on the map at the end of this article)

Vegan Junkfood Bar

Plant based fast food

Most vegans have the urge to eat some junk food every now and then, just like normal people 😀 Luckily we have two, almost three, Vegan Junkfood Bars in Amsterdam serving a 100% plant based snack menu.

Meatless District

100% plant based restaurant

The 100% plant based Meatless District in Amsterdam West and South is ironically inspired on the Meatpacking District. This area in New York thanks its name to the many slaughterhouses that used to be located there, though nowadays it’s a hip and happening hood for trendy bars and clubs. The Meatless District succeeded to implement this ambience in their joint; an industrial, modern and spacious interior with an open kitchen and bar in the middle, completely fading out the old dusty image of veganism.

Coffee & Coconuts

You maybe wouldn’t expect it from its name but whether you are looking for a place to have a breakfast that will get you through half a day, a cup of coffee while working, a steady brunch, boozing with your friends or to have dinner, it’s all possible at Coffee and Coconuts.