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De Bolhoed (closed)

Mother of vega restaurants

When you’re exploring vega spots in Amsterdam, you can’t ignore the mother of all vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city: De Bolhoed. This lunch and dinner establishment is located at a central spot on the Prinsengracht since the 80’s.

Vegan Junkfood Bar

Plant based fast food

Most vegans have the urge to eat some junk food every now and then, just like normal people 😀 Luckily we have two, almost three, Vegan Junkfood Bars in Amsterdam serving a 100% plant based snack menu.

Meatless District

100% plant based restaurant

The 100% plant based Meatless District in Amsterdam West and South is ironically inspired on the Meatpacking District. This area in New York thanks its name to the many slaughterhouses that used to be located there, though nowadays it’s a hip and happening hood for trendy bars and clubs. The Meatless District succeeded to implement this ambience in their joint; an industrial, modern and spacious interior with an open kitchen and bar in the middle, completely fading out the old dusty image of veganism.

16x Typical Dutch Foods in Amsterdam

Typical Dutch Food and best places to eat  it in Amsterdam

What is typical Dutch food? The Dutch have a hard time explaining their ‘cuisine’ to outsiders. As a Dutch citizen I’ve heard it numerous times from people around the globe: We have a lousy kitchen. And truth be told, it might not be the most divine cuisine in the world, however there are some typical Dutch foods even foreigners can’t resist.

Hummus D&A

Hummus has become very popular over the years in the Netherlands. The main ingredient chick pea has been propagated as a remedy against cancer, heart disease, diabetes and even wrinkles, which moved it into the spotlight as a super food. And although up until a few years ago it was quite hard to find good hummus in Amsterdam, nowadays you can find it on lunch menus everywhere. One of these places is Hummus D&A, a nice little bistro in the Jordaan.


Restaurant Merkelbach is located in House Frankendael (Huize Frankendael), which is in Park Frankendael in the east of Amsterdam. This park is one of the finest in the city and this complex from 1659 fits right in. Back then it was actually located outside Amsterdam and was meant as a summer house to escape the city and enjoy nature in peace.

Coffee & Coconuts

You maybe wouldn’t expect it from its name but whether you are looking for a place to have a breakfast that will get you through half a day, a cup of coffee while working, a steady brunch, boozing with your friends or to have dinner, it’s all possible at Coffee and Coconuts.

The Breakfast Club

Why Amsterdam needs The Breakfast Club

So you are in Amsterdam and decided to go out in the town. You start of with some drinks at the red-light district, land in a coffeeshop, have some more drinks in a brown cafe, share some Heinies with the locals, go to a fancy cocktail bar where you zip on a GT, wonder off to a booming club, do a little dance, have some more drinks and…