You maybe wouldn’t expect it from its name but whether you are looking for a place to have a breakfast that will get you through half a day, a cup of coffee while working, a steady brunch, boozing with your friends or to have dinner, it’s all possible at Coffee and Coconuts.

This place in the neighborhood De Pijp, within walking distance from the Albert Cuyp market, looks brilliant from the in- and outside. It used to be an art deco theatre from the roaring twenties, which you can still see on the outside. On the inside however it’s a completely different world, a light multi level floor hangout, decorated with plants, scandinavian furniture like long wooden tables, beanbags, combined with leather arm chairs and brick walls. This results in a cozy living room feel, although it’s huge, chique and relaxed at the same time. 

Most of the used ingredients at C&C are biological and you can even drink fresh coco out of a coconut (if you’re feeling boozy they’ll add some rum). They also serve sublime juices, smoothies, raw choc, coffees (coconut iced coffee!), cocktails, speciality beers, wines, and so on. For breakfast a worthy recommendation are the coconut-almond-banana-blueberry pancakes, if you’re into these ingredients you surely won’t regret it. Furthermore they have eggs in different variations, french toast, buckwheat porridge, granola, grilled bacon-cheese croissants, and a very healthy green coconut bowl for breakfast. These breakfasts can be ordered until either 13:00 or 16:30.

For lunch they offer sandwiches (like pastrami), burgers (also veggie), soup, fish, taco and salads. Take for instance the Kogi Bbq taco: Short rib, salsa roja, tasty relish with cilantro, onion & lime served up with chili soy slaw – not bad, ha? Last but not least they offer delicious sweets and dinner as well. You can just see that everything is very well thought through and that makes Cofee & Coconuts a very comfortable place for every mood.

Ceintuurbaan 282-284, Amsterdam

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