Mother of vega restaurants

When you’re exploring vega spots in Amsterdam, you can’t ignore the mother of all vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city: De Bolhoed. This lunch and dinner establishment is located at a central spot on the Prinsengracht since the 80’s. De Bolhoed has a green and hippiesque living room vibe with lots of plants, a beautiful fluffy red cat and a good view on the canal. The interior is folksy but charming, and there’s a little terrace on the canal when the weather allows it.

Low-key and homey
De Bolhoed Amsterdam

The food served at De Bolhoed quite matches the homey, low-key vibe. Don’t expect culinary miracles, rather think of your vega grandmother who just prepared a meal for you: Honest and made with love, but averse to food trends. The menu hasn’t changed for years and if you look around, you’ll notice more things haven’t been updated in a while. Which doesn’t mean it’s not a fine place to be, they just don’t care about their Instagram-worthiness that much.

The Bolhoed menu

They do care about taste and quality of food, though. Everything on the menu is prepared with biological ingredients. The lunch menu consists of vegan and vegetarian options like the huge green Bolhoed Salad with mixed vegetables, the soup of the day (like Marrocan lentil soup or Peanut soup), quiche and sandwiches with homemade hummus, feta or mozzarella. While you’re at it, order one of the fresh juices with ginger, apple, orange, grapefruit and/or carrot. Health freaks will be very pleased here but there’s enough choice for the sweet tooth as well. Just take a look at all those delicious cakes in the vitrine and you might end up ordering more than you intended!

Dinner options at De Bolhoed are all vegan or have a vegan option: Like the Vegan day meal which changes every few days, the Enchiladas with tomatillo sauce, Asian stir fry with udon noodles and tofu, or the North African filo pastry with spicy pumpkin, dates and couscous on the side. Pair with one of the beautiful bio wines or bio beers and have yourself a wonderful 100% bio evening!

De Bolhoed is the perfect go to for down to earth vega folks who just want to grab a healthy, filling bite in an unpretentious environment. No need to do fancy dress ups here, just good food and a laid-back vibe! Check out more vegan spots in Amsterdam? Read about Vegabonda vegan lunchroom and supermarket just around the corner of De Bolhoed. And stay tuned, ’cause there’ll be more articles coming soon!

De Bolhoed, Prinsengracht 60-62


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