Sustainable House Boats

De Ceuvel terrace water - Green and vegan hotspot - Green Amsterdam - pic Daan DijkstraWant to escape the busy city life and enjoy some vega(n) food? Head over to the circular paradise called De Ceuvel in Amsterdam North! This sustainable project looks like a secluded mini village of house boats where you can find creative workspaces, a cultural centre, a floating hotel and a cafe-restaurant. You can sit on the terrace at the water in seats made of old boats or seclude yourself on a raft. And in summer time you can even take a refreshing dive in the old shipyard!

Greenest Spot in the City

Before De Ceuvel project started, this former shipyard in the North was a seriously polluted area. Now phyto-remediating plants around the boats are cleaning the soil. But that’s just one of the sustainable technologies De Ceuvel practices; they use compost toilets, heat exchangers, halophyte filters (to purify water), solar energy, an aquaponics greenhouse and more. All this makes De Ceuvel one of the greenest spots of Amsterdam! And besides their circular goals, they offer a very interesting agenda with activities like workshops, readings, movies, music festivals and meet-ups with local farmers where you can buy their products.

De Ceuvel’s Restaurant

De Ceuvel’s restaurant is made of up-cycled materials and has a green house on top where they grow their own herbs and vegetables. Inside it feels like a wooden lodge with an alternative touch, including hammocks, little nooks filled with big lounge pillows, second hand furniture and lots of plants, creating an intimate and comfortable setting. 

The Vegan Menu

The restaurant’s main goal is serving food that is delicious, healthy and good for the planet. Using seasonal, local and biological products, the menu is mainly vega with mostly vegan options! To give an example, you can choose a ’Beluga lentils and spaghetti pumpkin salad’ or  a ’Vegan blue cheese & chickpea muffin’ for lunch, the best vegetable ‘Bitterballen’ in town as a snack, or the vegan weekspecial for dinner.

Seasonal Products

Because seasonal products are being used, the menu changes regularly. During summer time you can order a fresh ‘Tomato buckwheat salad with (vegan) blue cheese’ while in winter time a warming and hearty ‘Erwtensoep’ (Dutch split pea soup) with tofu is served.

Don’t miss it!

De Ceuvel is truly a unique spot and definitely one of Green Amsterdam’s favorites. Don’t miss this green experience! In 2012 De Ceuvel got a 10-year lease, so you only have a few years left to enjoy their urban oasis in the old shipyard…

De Ceuvel - terrace water cafe restaurant Green and vegan hotspot - Green AmsterdamCheck out more vega(n) spots in Amsterdam North? Read about Green Canteen, a vega hotspot with attitude. And stay tuned, ’cause there’ll be more articles coming soon!


Korte Papaverweg 4, Amsterdam

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