Hummus D&A - best hummus in Jordaan Amsterdam - Westerstraat

Hummus has become very popular over the years in the Netherlands. The main ingredient chick pea has been propagated as a remedy against cancer, heart disease, diabetes and even wrinkles, which moved it into the spotlight as a super food. And although up until a few years ago it was quite hard to find good hummus in Amsterdam, nowadays you can find it on lunch menus everywhere. One of these places is Hummus D&A, a nice little bistro in the Jordaan.

Hummus party in de Jordaan

When you enter Hummus D&A it instantly feels like a busy living room. It has a very clean and open feel, even though it’s quite small. There’s a beautiful open kitchen and a few seats outside where you can enjoy the Jordanese street life and some sunshine if you’re lucky.

The Hummus D&A Menu

And what a surprise, there’s lots of hummus on the menu. Six different kinds to be precise… Time for a hummus party! Next to the chick pea pastes you can order Middle Eastern dishes like Shakshuka, roasted eggplant with tahini, falafel, couscous and more, so enough vegetarian and vegan options. All the ingredients are biological. They also serve a variety of speciality beers, fresh sugarless ice tea and lemonade.

It’s advisable to order a few dishes and share them so you can experience as much flavors as possible. We ordered the hummus with falafel, roasted eggplant with tahini, pine nuts and pomegranate seeds and the trio, which consisted of labneh, tahini and baba ganoush. The hummus is really fresh, the falafel super tasty, the aubergine very colorful and the pitas are the real deal. This menu is a gift for Middle Eastern kitchen fans.

Hummus D&A is located in the Westerstraat, a lively street in the heart of Amsterdam. On Monday mornings the Westermarkt can be found here. This market sells lots of fabrics but also veggies and other foods. At the end of the market you will enter the Noordermarkt, where you find a flea market with vintage clothing. On Saturday you can find the farmer market here with biological products. There’s also a quite unknown little statue of Anne Frank at Westerstraat, and her house on Prinsengracht is very close by. Explore this area and have a delicious lunch at Hummus D&A. A recipe for a perfect day!

Westerstraat 136, Amsterdam

Update! Hummus D&A opened another spot in the east of Amsterdam at Oostenburgergracht 185!

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