Restaurant Merkelbach is located in House Frankendael (Huize Frankendael), which is in Park Frankendael in the east of Amsterdam. This park is one of the finest in the city and this complex from 1659 fits right in. Back then it was actually located outside Amsterdam and was meant as a summer house to escape the city and enjoy nature in peace. In 1957 House Frankendael was made available to city architect Ben Merkelbach, hence the restaurant name. Next to restaurant Merkelbach, there are more spaces in House Frankendael which are used for private festivities, meetings and art exhibitions.

Merkelbach is actually still a great way to escape town, although you are right in the middle. The restaurant has a beautiful terrace in a Versailles-like garden which feels like an oasis in the busy city, a quiet place with a pacific ambience. The setting is very unlike most restaurants in Amsterdam.Slow Food lunch at Restaurant Merkelbach in Park Frankendael, huize Frankendael, east of Amsterdam

You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at Merkelbach. Chef Geert Burema is known for his slow food skills, which means he’s all about pure and fair food: „dishes with authentic, sustainable produced, regional and seasonal quality products.”. And if you take a look at the menu and the food, you will get the value of this kitchen philosophy.

We visited Merkelbach on a bright sunny day, so needless to say we all started with an iced cappuccino. The prices on the menu are lower than you would expect from such a unique place. We all ended up with the vegetarian Tagliatelle with tomato, green turnip and sheep’s cheese, which looks gorgeous and tastes very fresh and green. We were offered a glass of white wine and enjoyed the beautiful Merkelbach garden in the sun. Highly recommended for sunny days!

Middenweg 72, Amsterdam

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