Although we love 100% vegan restaurants at Green Amsterdam, sometimes it’s just easier to drag your non-vegan company to a restaurant that serves delicious vegan meals as well as non-vegan meals. Soil of Amsterdam is that kind of restaurant. Their menu is plant-centric, meaning dishes are 100% vegan but can be extended with animal derived products. Soil of Amsterdam thrives for a sustainable menu which is good for your health and the planet.


How do they accomplish this sustainable goal at Soil? First of all by making their food in house with local, seasonal, mainly plant based and fresh ingredients. Secondly by using veggies which are rejected by big companies for being ‘ugly’.

If animal products are used, like eggs, Soil makes sure to get them from a ‘happy’ local chicken farm. Tolerance to non-vegans is their way of trying to bring more people into the movement of plant-centric eating. Meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians should all feel welcome at Soil. Gustavo, one of the owners, comes from Brazil where he had a BBQ restaurant. He knows as no other that awareness is the beginning of change and transitioning to a more plantbased lifestyle.

Casual Dining

The restaurant is a bit hidden on the busy Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam West. Inside you find a casual looking place with an open, low-key and inviting ambience. Proof of the in house made ingredients can be found in the back of the restaurant where all kinds of fermenting pots are stationed and where you can have a look in the kitchen as well. The big sharing table is perfect for sharing your colourful vegan bowls.

Pick a Bowl

Because whether you come for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s always time for bowls, which are made for sharing with your table partner. In case you are a person who doesn’t like to share food, you can always find a smaller table or take place at one of the outdoor seats. But with the variety of dishes it really is a good idea to try some of everything. For lunch you can also order some interesting vegan sandwiches, like the ‘Un-Tuna Melt’ or ‘Kimchi Reuben’. Furthermore, there are cold Buddha Bowls like the sweet ‘Beet Da Buddha’ or the crunchy ‘Barley Buddha’. Rather have something warm and hearty? Then try for example the ‘Peanut Curry Bowl’ or ‘Maroccan Tajine’ and make sure to get the smoked tofu as add-on, one of the surprises of the evening!

You can really taste and feel all dishes are prepared with real ingredients without any synthetic additives and most important of all, made with heart and soul. Good for the planet, good for your health, good for your taste buds!

Soil of Amsterdam vegan bowl apple crumble- Green Amsterdam

Looking for more vegan hotspots in Amsterdam? Did you know a new Vegabond opened just around the corner of Soil? At the Clerqstraat in Amsterdam West you can now do some vegan shopping and have lunch at the second location of Vegabond! Read all about Vegabond here.

Bilderdijkstraat 141, 1053 KN Amsterdam

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