Why Amsterdam needs The Breakfast Club

So you are in Amsterdam and decided to go out in the town. You start of with some drinks at the red-light district, land in a coffeeshop, have some more drinks in a brown cafe, share some Heinies with the locals, go to a fancy cocktail bar where you zip on a GT, wonder off to a booming club, do a little dance, have some more drinks and…That’s the point where things start to get a bit blurry. The next day you wake up wondering; “how did I get home?”

Don’t worry, this is a very common scenario when you’re here. Because you want to make the most out of your hungover day, you figure out the only way to get energized is a decent breakfast. You check your phone… 2:00 pm. So where should you get your decent breakfast now? Don’t panic, The Breakfast Club is here for you!

The Breakfast Club Late Breakfast in Amsterdam West Next to De Hallen

Amsterdam’s Westside is the best side

The Breakfast Club is a little place with some outdoor seats where you can get breakfast until 4pm. The one on the picture is located at Bellamystraat, which is a beautiful picturesque street (walk all the way up to the end). It’s around the corner of Ten Kate Market and situated across De Hallen. There are two more Breakfast Clubs; one at Haarlemmerplein and one at Wibautstraat.

The Breakfast Club menu

Inside The Breakfast Club the vibe is very chill, the people very hipster and the crew appears a bit dreamy but that suits the concept. This is not a 100% vegan spot, so as a vegan with non-vegan company this is a good spot to keep everybody happy. You’ll probably end up with the vegan salad or soup of the day, or the avocado toast with harissa spread, lettuce dukkah and leak sprout. The rest of the menu looks exactly how a breakfast menu should look like: Eggs, Buttermilk Pancakes, pies, sandwiches and cereals, all in several festive varieties. And don’t forget to get yourself one of the super healthy and fresh juices like the orange/carrot/ginger/goji/cinnamon or the celery/apple/cucumber/lime/mint combo!

All with all, The Breakfast Club is a great way to start your day and the location is a nice starting point to wander around; it’s off the beaten track but still in walking distance of the center. So give The Breakfast Club a go, with or without a hangover!

Bellamyplein 2, Amsterdam

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