Vegan and Gluten-free Burger Bar in Amsterdam West

Hooray! Amsterdam has a new vegan ánd gluten-free burger bar on the westside of town called Vurger! Located in the vibrant neighbourhood De Baarsjes, this spot might be an old familiar place for bio fast food lovers, since the new burger bar replaced the ‘Bio Snackbar’ previously located at  Jan van Galenstraat 78. 

Vurger’s Biological Menu

Besides the fact that everything is vegan and gluten-free, all ingredients at Vurger are biological! Of course the menu consists for a big part of burgers, like the middle eastern flavoured burger ‘The Babylon’, ‘The Indian Delight’ chickpea burger with mango chutney or the ‘Bello Dream’ made of Portobello mushrooms. Because the burger patties are hand-made, you can expect a completely different tasting burger than for example the Vegan Junkfood Bar burgers, which taste way more like processed fast food. The bun also helps the burger taste less processed because of the hearty, gluten-free bread.

More than just Burgers

As a side dish you can order different kind of fries: ’Very Bravas’, ‘Sweet Patatas’, ‘Patat Fries’ and ‘Loaded Fries’. And in case you are in a festive mood and feel like decorating, all burgers and the ‘Loaded Fries’ can be topped off with vegan cheese, vegan bacon, vegan alioli, avocado and/or garlic mushrooms! Not feeling like ordering one of the Vurger’s burger? Then there are still plenty of options for you. Instead try the ‘Tapas Platter’, ‘Saté Pincho’, ‘Bella Pita’ or ‘Döner Kebab Sandwich’.

Lunch, Dinner and Take-awayVurger Amsterdam west Baarsjes vegan glutenfree burger Green Amsterdam interior

The old ‘Bio Snackbar’ interior got a complete renovation with a beautiful green (artificial) ’vertical garden’ wall and fancy comfy chairs, giving the whole place a fresh new look. Vurger is a very small and cosy place with only four tables and some bar spots. Only the (too) bright lighting could use a bit of an upgrade. And although the bright light brings back memories of the old snackbar, the warm and friendly staff definetely makes up for this.

So you wanna try out one of Vurger’s vegan and gluten-free burgers? Vurger is opened every day, except for Mondays, and on Sundays only from 16:00-20:00. And there’s also the option to take away!

Check out more vegan spots in Amsterdam? Read about De Peper, a 100% vegan budget & non-profit cafe in Amsterdam West. And stay tuned, ’cause there’ll be more articles coming soon!

Jan van Galenstraat 78, Amsterdam


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