Asian restaurant chain with a vegan and vegetarian menu

Yes! Wagamama introduced a new separate vegan+vegetarian menu last week! The Asian cuisine restaurant chain has four locations in Amsterdam. Besides that they’re located in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Roermond and 16 other countries around the globe. Wagamama was born in London in 1992 and inspired by the fast pace of Japanese Ramen bars. The interior suits the concept; modern, simple and clean with big communal tables to have a quick but delicious Asian bite. Although with this new vegan menu you might just want to hang around a bit longer…

Until recently Wagamama didn’t have a separate vega(n) menu, though lately 60% of what was ordered was already vega(n). This trend made Wagamama decide to take it up a notch, resulting in a separate vegan ànd separate vegetarian menu. So, what is on this vegan menu? Here it comes… Seven main dishes, five side dishes and two desserts. Now we’re talking!Wagamama vegan menu Amsterdam vegan food - Green Amsterdam

Wagamama vegan menu

For starters, the ‘Steamed Buns’ with super crispy aubergine and mixed mushrooms are absolutely delightful. Definitely try the ‘Yasai Gyoza’, grilled dumplings with vegetable filling as well. Other options are good old ‘Edamame beans’ and a ‘Raw salad’ with seaweed and Japanese radish.Wagamama vegan menu Amsterdam vegan food - Green Amsterdam

Choosing a main can be quite challenging with all these tempting options. The newest dish, ‘Kare Burosu Ramen’, is definitely worth a try: Udon noodles, crispy veggies and silken coated tofu in bouillon. Or you might wanna go for the ‘Yasai Katsu Curry’: Crunchy ‘cookies’, each made of another vegetable (sweet potato, aubergine and pumpkin) served with curry sauce, rice and a salad. Some other options are the classic ‘Yasai Pad Thai’ (rice noodles with amai sauce, veggies, mint and coriander), ‘Yasai Itame’ (spicy soup with coco milk, lemon grass and veggies) and ‘Warm Chilli Yasai Salad’ (tofu, veggies, sweet chilli sauce and cashews). 

After all this, be sure to keep some space for dessert! Who wants to miss out on ‘Lemongrass and Lime Sorbet’ or ‘Coconut Reika Ice Cream’ with passionfruit sauce?

Wagamama is taking veganism seriously

Some of these dishes were already on Wagamama’s menu in slightly different variations but have been adjusted to a vegan dish by simply replacing meat, egg and/or dairy by a vegan substitute. Other, quite drastic, adjustments they have made are in the actual Wagamama kitchen, meaning they use separate deep fryers, pans and kitchenware that are only used for the vegan dishes. This might sound obvious, but actually most restaurants aren’t doing this. Another big plus is that you can get a doggy bag (solid container) for your left-overs. Bye bye, food waste! 

Next time you want to treat yourself with some Asian goodness, you know where to go! Check out more vegan spots in Amsterdam? Read about Spingaren, a charcuterie annex restaurant with a special vegan menu in the centre of Amsterdam. Or check out the article about Vegan Junkfood Bar for vegan snack food. And stay tuned, ’cause there’ll be more articles coming soon!

Wagamama locations:

  • Max Euweplein 10
  • De Ruijterkade 36B
  • Amstelstraat 8
  • Zuidplein 12

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