When you’re in Amsterdam, you probably want to visit a coffeeshop because hey, this is your chance, right? There are a lot of them in the city, and when you’re new here it might be hard to pick one that isn’t too shady, like lots of local shops are, or too crowded and loud, like most tourist coffeeshops in the centre are.

The Kashmir Lounge is a coffeeshop out of the touristic area, located in Oud-West which is becoming more and more popular. The special thing about the Kashmir Lounge is that you can order alcoholic beverages, which is unusual for coffeeshops. There’s also an area where you can smoke cigarettes (believe it or not, this is usually not officially allowed in coffeeshops). Next to that it has a dj-booth, so there are dj performances in the evenings and there is a terrace in front. This combination of extras is very rare for coffeeshops in Amsterdam and this versatility makes the Kashmir Lounge a must visit.

When you first come in it may seem a little dark, but that suits the Indian feel interior concept. There are murals of hindi figures, cool little corners with lounge seats decorated with comfy pillows, big leather arm chairs and lots of little lights and candles which give the whole place an eastern serene vibe. Besides that, the staff is very friendly, the customers are low-key and relaxed and last but not least, they sell great quality weeds and hashish.

Ganesha wall painting in the Kashmir Lounge

In the area around you can find the Vondelpark, de Hallen and lots of fine places to eat and drink, like The Breakfast Club, Remise 47 and Hendrix.  So Oud-West and The Kashmir Lounge are definitely worth a visit when you decide to explore Amsterdam out of the city centre!

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85-87, Amsterdam


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