Would you like to use more sustainable products? Green Amsterdam’s exploring brands that are friendly for the environment and this time we’re taking a closer look at the brand House of Marley. 

Quality of sound

The way we consume music has changed a lot over the years. Because our phones and computers function as our music library, we have the possibility to listen to our favourite music everywhere. The quality of how we listen to music has changed as well. There are tons of people listening to their music through speakers of phones and laptops; poor sound quality which changes the experience of listening. Maybe because such a large quantity of music has become so easily accessible, it’s forgotten to listen to it in a quality of sound it deserves? Just think about that moment in your favourite tune that gives you goose bumps and makes you feel a certain way, why compromise on that experience?

Portable audio systems

House of Marley is a brand that makes audio systems and head phones with respect for the planet. Besides the fact their products are pleasing for the eye, the high quality of sound is of course the most important feature. Another plus about these speakers is you can take them with you wherever you like because they’re all portable and come in different sizes. The ‘Get Together’ for instance, our favourite when it comes to sound and looks, has a ‘Get Together mini’ version as well. Easily connect them through bluetooth and take ‘em to your balcony, the park, the gym, or any other place you would like to listen to music. 

Sustainable materials

Like you might have guessed already with names like ‘Get Together’ and ‘Marley’, House of Marley is inspired by the life philosophy of Bob Marley and his songs; people and planet should be cherished. Which brings us to the sustainability aspect that makes House of Marley so interesting. The materials being used for their products are all “mindfully sourced”. House of Marley for instance uses bamboo, a natural resource which is easy to maintain and produced using a carbon positive process, and FSC certified wood coming from responsibly harvested forestry. Other materials being used for their products are recycled paper, recycled plastic, recycled metals, recycled pet and recycled ’rewind’ fabric, next to wood composite, organic cork and organic cotton.

‘Project Marley’ planting trees

Besides using all these sustainable materials, House of Marley invests in supporting global reforestation. With their ‘Project Marley’ they have partnered up with OneTreePlanted.org and already planted 146.000 trees so far. This means the purchase of a House of Marley product helps to plant one tree, improving climate, air, bio-diversity, water, health and social impact.  

OneTreePlanted.org plants their trees in four areas: North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Currently they are planting in Vietnam.

Like mentioned earlier, the ‘Get Together’ really is one of our favourite House of Marley products. The look of the natural materials of the bamboo audio system blends perfectly with green home interiors. And because it’s portable it can be moved around the house easily. For more sustainable pieces of the collection, check their website. And if you want to know more about ‘Project Marley’ and their partnership with OneTreePlanted.org you can read about it at www.thehouseofmarley.com/project.

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