In the south of the city, close to the Amsterdam World Trade Center and convention centre RAI you can find the peaceful Beatrixpark. This park is mainly used by people around the area and is never really crowded which makes it a perfect place to avoid the heavy traffic and overall packed area surrounding it.

The Beatrixpark was designed in 1938 by Ko Mulder, a Dutch landscape architect. Back then the park had a romantic style but after the second world war it was redesigned into a more modern style. During the war the park was actually named Diepenbrockpark, after composer Alphons Diepenbrock who was inspired by Wagner and used a lot of German romantics in his work. Along the years the park had to give up pieces to the expansion of RAI and WTC, which has always been a subject of protest for the people living around it. In return, there have been pieces added to the park, like a piece of land next to the freeway called the ’natte vallei’ (translated as ’the wet valley’).

Favorite sight in the park is the medicinal herb garden called the Artsenijhof. It contains of three parts with its own character, filled with hundreds of medicinal herbs accompanied by a little name sign. Another highlight in the park is the Kastanjering (chestnut ring) which is sort of a big square with in the center a fountain surrounded by beautiful flowers, benches, art and two rings of chestnut trees.

Next to that, there’s a little pool for children opened from May until September, a playground, restaurant, open fields to sunbathe and lots of little spots to hide away. And what is really cool are the exceptional trees you can find in Beatrixpark, labeled with their name. One of them being the beautiful Metasequoia tree which can grow up to 40 meters high.

On the north-west side of the park there is a very nice neighborhood called Oud-Zuid. It’s actually the poshest area in town and known for its numerous fancy wining and dining spots. You can also find beautiful architecture and it’s usually pretty quiet compared to the centre. Combine this neighborhood with Beatrixpark for a walk and you will see a different side of Amsterdam!

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