Park Frankendael is Amsterdam’s biggest and most important ecological park, located in the east of the city. It’s a beautiful romantic and spacious park where you can find a lot more peace and quiet than for instance the Vondelpark or Westerpark, which are closer to the centre. Maybe that’s why the few storks in the city chose this park to build their nest.

Frankendael is Amsterdam’s only remaining 17th-century country estate. Back in the day Park Frankendael was actually located outside Amsterdam and was meant as a summer escape from the city for the wealthy. A place to enjoy nature in peace. Now you can find a swamp, big areas for sunbathing, two playgrounds and next to the park you can find ‘Klein Dantzig’, which are little community gardens. 

The park also contains two historical gardens, a style garden and a landscape garden. The landscape garden presents diverse Dutch landscapes from different provinces. The style garden can be found behind Huize Frankendael (‘House Frankendael’), which has been created in the regency style in 1733 when the owner gave Frankendael its current appearance.

Nowadays there’s a restaurant situated in Huize Frankendael, the Merkelbach. Read more about this beautiful restaurant here. The terrace of the restaurant is actually located in the style garden. Next to restaurant Merkelbach there’s another restaurant in the park called ‘de Kas’. This restaurant is situated in a set of greenhouses from 1926, surrounded by kitchen gardens. Many ingredients used in the restaurant’s kitchen come from these very gardens.

Another fun thing to do in the park is take a stroll through the Pure Market. Every last Sunday of the month you can find this market with all kinds of pure products, local goods, food stands and live music. 

It all makes Park Frankendael the perfect place for a picknick, stroll, dining and more .

Middenweg, Amsterdam