Wagamama presents its new vegan and vegetarian menu!

Asian restaurant chain with a vegan and vegetarian menu

Yes! Wagamama introduced a new separate vegan+vegetarian menu last week! The Asian cuisine restaurant chain has four locations in Amsterdam. Besides that they’re located in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Roermond and 16 other countries around the globe. Wagamama was born in London in 1992 and inspired by the fast pace of Japanese Ramen bars. The interior suits the concept; modern, simple and clean with big communal tables to have a quick but delicious Asian bite. Although with this new vegan menu you might just want to hang around a bit longer…

Spirit: Amazing Vegan Buffet in Amsterdam East

Spirit – Vega(n) hotspot in Amsterdam East with over fifty dishes!

Just around the corner of Brouwerij t IJ in Amsterdam East you find Spirit, a vega(n) restaurant with a huge ass buffet. When you hear the word buffet, associations of all-inclusive holidays and all-you-can eat restaurants might pop up, but when you enter Spirit’s restaurant doors you’ll see this place has absolutely nothing to do with all that. It’s actually quite a peaceful spot.

Hummus D&A

Hummus has become very popular over the years in the Netherlands. The main ingredient chick pea has been propagated as a remedy against cancer, heart disease, diabetes and even wrinkles, which moved it into the spotlight as a super food. And although up until a few years ago it was quite hard to find good hummus in Amsterdam, nowadays you can find it on lunch menus everywhere. One of these places is Hummus D&A, a nice little bistro in the Jordaan.


Restaurant Merkelbach is located in House Frankendael (Huize Frankendael), which is in Park Frankendael in the east of Amsterdam. This park is one of the finest in the city and this complex from 1659 fits right in. Back then it was actually located outside Amsterdam and was meant as a summer house to escape the city and enjoy nature in peace.

Park Frankendael

Park Frankendael is Amsterdam’s biggest and most important ecological park, located in the east of the city. It’s a beautiful romantic and spacious park where you can find a lot more peace and quiet than for instance the Vondelpark or Westerpark, which are closer to the centre. Maybe that’s why the few storks in the city chose this park to build their nest.