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Soil of Amsterdam: Plant-Centric Restaurant on the Westside


Although we love 100% vegan restaurants at Green Amsterdam, sometimes it’s just easier to drag your non-vegan company to a restaurant that serves delicious vegan meals as well as non-vegan meals. Soil of Amsterdam is that kind of restaurant. Their menu is plant-centric, meaning dishes are 100% vegan but can be extended with animal derived products. Soil of Amsterdam thrives for a sustainable menu which is good for your health and the planet.

De Ceuvel: Circular paradise with a vega(n) menu in Amsterdam North!

Sustainable House Boats

De Ceuvel terrace water - Green and vegan hotspot - Green Amsterdam - pic Daan DijkstraWant to escape the busy city life and enjoy some vega(n) food? Head over to the circular paradise called De Ceuvel in Amsterdam North! This sustainable project looks like a secluded mini village of house boats where you can find creative workspaces, a cultural centre, a floating hotel and a cafe-restaurant. You can sit on the terrace at the water in seats made of old boats or seclude yourself on a raft. And in summer time you can even take a refreshing dive in the old shipyard!

New! Vurger: First 100% Vegan & Gluten-free Burger Bar in Amsterdam

Vegan and Gluten-free Burger Bar in Amsterdam West

Hooray! Amsterdam has a new vegan ánd gluten-free burger bar on the westside of town called Vurger! Located in the vibrant neighbourhood De Baarsjes, this spot might be an old familiar place for bio fast food lovers, since the new burger bar replaced the ‘Bio Snackbar’ previously located at  Jan van Galenstraat 78. 

De Peper – Budget Vegan Food in Amsterdam West

De Peper: Budget friendly vegan dinner at OT301 Amsterdam

A 2-course vegan dinner between €7-10 euros in Amsterdam? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, at De Peper it really ís true! Volunteers run this non-profit cafe, which is located at OT301, the alternative hang out for late night dance sessions and non-commercial movies on the Overtoom in Amsterdam Oud-West.

Wagamama presents its new vegan and vegetarian menu!

Asian restaurant chain with a vegan and vegetarian menu

Yes! Wagamama introduced a new separate vegan+vegetarian menu last week! The Asian cuisine restaurant chain has four locations in Amsterdam. Besides that they’re located in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Roermond and 16 other countries around the globe. Wagamama was born in London in 1992 and inspired by the fast pace of Japanese Ramen bars. The interior suits the concept; modern, simple and clean with big communal tables to have a quick but delicious Asian bite. Although with this new vegan menu you might just want to hang around a bit longer…

Green Canteen: Veggie food with attitude in Amsterdam North

Green Canteen: A vega(n) haven in Noord

Only a 5-minute bike ride away from the Ijplein ferry, the Green Canteen is located in one of the less explored parts of the North of Amsterdam. Surrounded by warehouses and houses alike, the area is a more residential version of its cooler Northern sibling, NDSM. Extra points for the location, because it’s right opposite the Oedipus brewery! Only one of the coolest breweries in Amsterdam. Green Canteen is humble and true, serving only vegan and vegetarian options. The interior of the eatery is small and intimate, with a simple décor, just a few tables and an open kitchen. There’s also a terrace with a couple of tables, in case you want to grab that afternoon sun.

The Meets: 80% Vegan Eatery in De Pijp with Dosa Rolls to die for!

80% plant based 20% animal products

In the ever vibrant neighborhood de Pijp, on just 5 minutes walking distance from the Albert Cuyp market, you find The Meets eatery. The concept of The Meets is that they serve 80% plant-based and 20% animal products, meaning most of the menu is vegan!

(*Update: There’s a newly opened location in the East of Amsterdam, find the address and the location on the map at the end of this article)

12x Vegan Ice Cream in Amsterdam

Where to find Vegan Ice Cream in Amsterdam?

Did you hear there’s a heatwave on its way…? Time to score some ice, ice, baby! Vegan ice cream, of course. That’s why Green Amsterdam tracked down the best spots in Amsterdam to get your vegan ‘ijsje’. Go find the nearest vegan ice cream spot to your location on the map and get it while it’s hot! Ehh… cold 😀


Deer Mama

At Deer Mama in de Pijp they know their sweets; they make beautiful vegan pies, milkshakes and they have their very own vegan soft ice machine! And they don’t just leave it like that, they sprinkle ’em up for you with some colorful edible decorations that will cheer up anyone!

12x Vegan Ice Cream in Amsterdam - Dophert - Green Amsterdam


Remember Vegabond? This 100% vegan lunchroom annex supermarket has a great lunch menu, sweets and a beautiful view on the Leliegracht canal. Their little supermarket is like vegan heaven and of course ice cream is part of it! From vegan brand ‘Booja-Booja’ they sell the flavors ‘Caramel Pecan Praline’ and ‘Hunky Punky Chocolate’ and there’s a cornetto from the brand ‘Valsoia’. Read more about Vegabond here!


You can’t miss IJscuypje when you walk around in Amsterdam. Right now there are nearly fifteen IJscuypjes in Amsterdam, so there’s always one close to you. All sorbet flavors are vegan and freshly made in their own kitchen, where they produce about 18 flavors including Chocolate, Rhabarb, ‘Mango Passion fruit’, Kiwi, Mandarin and Pear. When summer is over, IJscuypje turns into ‘Stamppotje’ for winter time.

De Boshalte

Going to spend a sunny day at the Amsterdamse Bos? Then drop by De Boshalte, a place that rents out bicycles and has a little terrace where they serve vegan ice creams!


Spirit is a vega(n) buffet restaurant with over fifty dishes which are freshly made with 100% bio and seasonal ingredients. There’s a big ass buffet in the middle of the restaurant, but there’s also a little one behind it: A vegan ice cream buffet! Serving funky flavors like ‘Mango Red Pepper’, ‘Black Sesame’, Passion fruit, Cassis, Chocolate, Cocos and Raspberry. Read more about Spirit here!

Massimo IJsfabriek

Artisanal Italian ice cream maker and coffee taster Massimo makes everything in Italian tradition. Around the corner of the Albert Cuyp you’ll find his little shop with over fifteen different vegan flavors like Cantaloupe, Chocolate, Watermelon, Lemon, Pistachio and Hazelnut The cones are not vegan by the way.

Van Leeuwen x Juice Brothers

Van Leeuwen x Juice Brothers

Van Leeuwen was actually already quite a popular ice cream hotspot in New York before they opened their joint together with Juice Brothers around the corner of Westerpark last year.
Here you find delicious artisan scoops of ice with flavors like like Matcha, Coffee, Chocolate, Rasberry, Watermelon and more. The ideal spot to get your ice cream for a Westerpark sessions!

La La IJs

Just across ‘De Hallen’ and close to ‘Ten Kate market’ in Amsterdam West, a new organic and artisanal ice cream shop has opened its doors. La La IJs serves vegan and non-vegan milkshakes and ice creams. Some of the vegan flavors being Rhubarb, Coffee, ‘Lemon Basil’ and ‘Chic Salt Rosemary’. Their cones are vegan and if you want you can add some fruit to your coupe!


Tofani is one of the oldest Italian ice cream shops in Amsterdam. Situated at Nieuwmarkt, in the middle of the centre, you can enjoy your ice cream on the little terrace at the square. They serve vegan and non vegan flavors, the vegan flavors being ‘Ginger Soy’, Chocolate and several fruit flavors. Next to their tasty ice creams they also serve coffees and sandwiches.

Day Made

Day Made is a fairly new espresso bar annex gallery situated in the neighborhood de Baarsjes, Amsterdam West. Next to their exquisite fair trade coffees and funky gallery pieces, they also sell vegan popsicles from the Dutch brand ‘IJsmanschap’ which you can enjoy on their outside seats.

Beter & Leuk

This popular vegetarian lunch café in the east of Amsterdam feels like a living room where they happen to serve super tasty vegan food. Beter & Leuk now also sells ice cream from ‘Van Leeuwen’ and  vegan popsicles from the brands ‘NICE fruitijsjes’ and  ‘Unmelted’, in flavors like Spinach-Banana’ and ‘Mango-Carrot’


Supermarkets like ‘Ekoplaza’, ‘Jumbo’, ‘Albert Heijn’, ‘Marqt’ and ‘Aldi’ all sell vegan ice creams! With brands such as ‘Cornetto’, ‘Ben & Jerry’s’, ‘Professor Grunschnabel’, ‘Abbot Kinney’s’, ‘Trader Joe’s’ and the supermarkets house brands (sorbet and several popsicles). So if you just want to enjoy your ice creams at home or bring it with you to the park, you easily can!

12x Vegan Ice Cream in Amsterdam - Green Amsterdam-2

Green Amsterdam wishes you great sunny days full of sweet ice cream flavors! Want to read more about the Best Of Green Amsterdam? Read this article about the 15 Best WineBars in Amsterdam or check out this one about the 16x Typical Dutch Foods in Amsterdam

Spirit: Amazing Vegan Buffet in Amsterdam East

Spirit – Vega(n) hotspot in Amsterdam East with over fifty dishes!

Just around the corner of Brouwerij t IJ in Amsterdam East you find Spirit, a vega(n) restaurant with a huge ass buffet. When you hear the word buffet, associations of all-inclusive holidays and all-you-can eat restaurants might pop up, but when you enter Spirit’s restaurant doors you’ll see this place has absolutely nothing to do with all that. It’s actually quite a peaceful spot.