Jimmy Joy’s Complete Food

Eating meals from a package is not really my thing. If it’s not made with ingredients that are tasty, fresh, nourishing and fulfilling, what’s the point of eating in the first place? So when Jimmy Joy send me a box with their ‘complete food’ consisting of shakes and bars, I was honestly a bit hesitant to try them out at first. Shakes and bars in a wrap just don’t look very tempting to me. But since I’ve heard good things about Jimmy Joy’s ‘complete food’ and they recently turned most of their products vegan, I decided to give it a try anyway.

The Jimmy Joy Twenny Bars are not vegan (yet, they will be later this year), so I gave them to my boyfriend. He liked the flavour of the chocolate Twenny Bar the best and said it wasn’t too sweet, which is good, and it had good structure, meaning it wasn’t too chewy. Also, it was filling enough for lunch. One Twenny Bar is 387 calories, contains 21 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals which are the “recommended 20% of your daily needs”.

In the meanwhile I was drinking the vegan Plenny Drink with the vanilla flavour: A 330 ml drink with 400 calories, 12 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals. It tastes like melted vanilla ice cream, but less sweet. 

Afterwards we both tried the vegan banana and strawberry Plenny Shakes. Not a whole shake each ‘cause we were pretty stuffed from the previous meals. These Plenny Shakes tasted a bit like the Plenny Drink, but because of the banana and strawberry flavours it reminded us a bit of milkshakes! So, although my first impression when seeing the Jimmy Joy complete food meals was: “This looks like food for astronauts”, it wasn’t that bad after all. 

“Healthy food without the hassle

Healthy fastfood might sound contradicting. And if you want to eat healthy it’s of course best to meal prep a healthy, balanced menu for a week, store it in your freezer and get it out whenever you need it. But let’s be realistic, unfortunately that isn’t always feasible. Sometimes you forget to bring your food to work, sometimes you’re on the road and can’t find anything healthy, or you simply don’t have time or the energy to buy or prepare something. Bad planning? Maybe. Recipe for disaster, aka hangry person coming out? Quite possibly. At least if I feel my hangry mood coming up, I’m most vulnerable to grab something that’s either close or fulfils my cravings of the moment. And we all know food cravings are dangerous… 

To keep yourself from falling in this craving trap, it’s actually very convenient to have these Jimmy Joy meals as a fallback. For moments you don’t have time or energy to prepare something nutritious. Because most important of all, these quick and easy meals are so much better than average fastfood, just check this article and the picture below with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in one meal:

Contrary to regular fastfood, these meals are developed to bring you all the nutrients you need and that’s why I’m keeping a Plenny Drink in my bag for unforeseen craving situations.

By the way, a crazy friend of mine lived on only complete food for a year (!) and is making a movie about it, check his ‘FutureFood’ instagram here.

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