Is your bank ING, ABN or Rabobank? Did you know they invested 8,8 BILLION EURO’S in companies where animals are severely abused? These investments were made between 2012 and 2017.

Animal love vs. abuse

In daily life a lot of us enjoy the beauty of nature and animal life. Even when living in a city like Amsterdam. We walk our dogs, cuddle our cats, feed ducks in the canals, pet goats and piglets on children’s farms, help birds make their nest…

But in the meantime, our money on our bank account is being used to sponsor the opposite – Piglets being castrated without anaesthetics, broiler chicks packed together in huge factories, mother pigs locked up in cages and animals being slaughtered in controversial ways.

Rabobank ♡ Tyson Foods

It’s shocking to see our banks are making big investments in companies where extremely severe animal abuse occurs. Like the American company Tyson Foods. This company has been in the news repeatedly when under cover footage of this extremely cruel animal abuse came out. Still Rabobank didn’t hesitate to invest 1 BILLION EURO’S in Tyson Foods.

Sanctimonious Statements

Didn’t these banks proclaim to make the world a better place? Like Rabobank with their slogan “Growing a better world together” – or the ABN who opened their circulair restaurant CIRCL last year which they describe as “A platform where society comes in action for a sustainable world”? Apparently these are just sanctimonious statements to cover up the cruel activities they’re involved in and it’s time we stop ING, ABN and Rabobank getting away with these bloody investments, don’t you think?

STOP banks from using YOUR MONEY for animal abuse

Our money is being used to abuse billions of animals. Yes, it makes me angry and dispirited. And I believe a lot of you  Green Amsterdammers have the same sentiment about this cause. That’s why I hope we can join forces:

Please sign this “World Animal Protection” protest action to stop the unacceptable behavior of banks towards animals. Stop these banks from using YOUR money for animal abuse!  It will take you a few seconds. And it’s free.

In advance I want to thank you for your love, attention and believe in an animal cruelty free world!


  1. anyone investing in animal abusing companys should be ashaned.