Coco Mojito Mocktail

With this sunny weather a mocktail is always a good idea! This ‘Coco Mojito’ made with coconut water is the perfect refreshing drink for hot days.


1 part coconut water (Obrigado)

1 part sparkling water

1/2 lime sliced into little wedges

handful of mint leaves

agave syrup

ice cubes

How to make it?

  1. Put the lime wedges and mint leaves in a glass and muddle them with a cocktail muddler to release the lime juice and mint aroma.
  2. Now fill half of the glass with ice cubes and poor in the coconut water. Stir well.
  3. Add the sparkling water and stir the mix together.
  4. Taste and if needed add some agave syrup to your own taste. Enjoy!Coco Mojito Mocktail Vegan- Green Amsterdam

The coconut water used for this Coco Mojito mocktail is from Obrigado. Obrigado is a 100% pure (no additives) product and produced in a sustainable way for humans and nature on Obrigado’s own farm in Bahia, Brasil. On this farm every coconut tree has its own barcode, which results in the fact that every tree gives an average of 230 coconuts a year, which is 4 times higher than the average! Obrigado’s goal is to be a zero-waste company and use every part of the coconut. For instance, Obrigado’s sister company Frysk Industrial turns the dry coconut husk into biodegradable anti-erosion blankets that are used to optimize the process of recuperating degraded areas and revegetating slopes and embankments.

WIN your own coconut tree and a trip to Brasil

Now you can win your own Obrigado coconut tree in Brasil. And not only that: You’ll also win the income of the tree for a whole year and a trip for two to Brasil, so you can visit your own tree! Check out this link to make a chance. Good luck!

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